California Hard Money Lenders

Looking for a hard money lender in California?  We've researched and selected the top verified and licensed private money lenders across The Golden State.

Whether you’re fix and flipping in Los Angeles, refinancing your San Diego warehouse or tapping into the equity of your San Francisco townhouse, these national and local Californian private money lenders are a great place to start. 

With its’ world class beaches, fantastic weather and diverse culture, The Golden State has some of the most expensive real estate in the nation.  

It’s the most populated state with over 40 million residents and if California were a sovereign nation it would rank as the fifth largest economy in the world.

Top California Hard Money Loans Summary

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The 5 Best Hard Money Lenders in California

Crescent Lenders

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Crescent Lenders has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to both commercial and residential real estate investors since its inception in 2011.

They are a direct private money lender (not a broker) with rates from 7.99% and loan amounts ranging from $200k to $5 Million dollars.

Before You Apply
  • Loan Amount: Minimum of $200,000
  • FICO Score: Minumum of 560
  • Interest Rate: Minimum of 7.99%
Best Features:
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Variety of loan types, purchase, refinance, cash-out, fix & flip, probate and 1031 Exchanges
  • 100s of millions in loans funded

ARCH Bridge Loans

Tap Your Way To More Deals

ARCH Bridge Loans is a direct money lender (not a broker) and have underwritten over $2 billion in commercial and residential bridge loans.

They provide funding for non-owner occupied real estate investment properties. They are self-funded and able to move quickly and their extensive experience as investors allows them to provide fast approval.

Best Features:
  • Self-funded and able to move quickly
  • Up to 100% of purchase price
  • Starting from 8% interest rate on 6 months terms

Civic Financial Services

Fast, Honest, Simple Lending

Civic Financial Services is a direct private money lender, working exclusively with real estate investors to fund non-owner occupied residential investment properties.

Since 2014 they've funded over $2.5 billion in residential real estate loans and have over 200 employees.

They have specialized loan programs for bridge, fix & flip, rental, refinance and mutli-family and lend to both experience investors and first timers.

Before You Apply
  • Loan Amount: Minimum of $100,000
  • FICO Score: Minimum of 400
  • Interest Rate: Minimum of 8.5%
Best Features:
  • Funds both experienced investors and first-time borrowers
  • Bridge loan rates start as low as 6.99%
  • Custom loan programs for fix & flips, rentals, refinances, multi-family and bridge loans

Wilshire Quinn Capital

Wilshire Quinn is a private money lender headquartered in San Diego, California. They have an long track record of succes based on their disciplined underwriting approach. They primarliy fund loans in California, but are also open to nationwide business.

Before You Apply
  • Note: Generally close deals in 5 to 7 business days
  • Note: Most loans have no pre-payment penalty
  • Term Length: Maximum of 24 months
  • Loan Amount: Minimum of $500,000
Best Features:
  • Fast approval within 24 to 48 hours, average closing within 5 to 7 days
  • No minimum credit score, solely equity/collateral driven
  • Ability to get creative, cross collateralize multiple properties, open to commercial and residential properties

Carlyle Capital

Direct Private Lending. Low rates, High Leverage.

Carlyle Capital is a nationwide private money lending company out of Irvine, California and they lend in most states across the US.

They fund experienced investors as well as first-time and foreign borrowers and provide loans on both residential and commercial properties as well as land.

They have over 20 years in the business and offer competitive rates.

Before You Apply
  • Loan Amount: Maximum of $50,000,000
  • Loan Amount: Minimum of $100,000
  • Interest Rate: Minimum of 3.99%
  • Term Length: Minimum of 12 months
Best Features:
  • Low rates and high leverage
  • Quality service and with you every step of the process
  • Limited documentation required (No W2s, tax returns or pay stubs required)

California Hard Money Stats

Loan Amounts
$25k to $125m
Interest Rates
3.99% to 15%
Term Lengths
1 to 360 months
Origination Points
0.5 to 5 points
Loan to Value Ratio
60% to 90%
Loan to Cost Ratio
65% to 100%
Closing Time
1 to 25 days

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