Florida Hard Money Lenders

The online world of hard money lenders in Florida can be a tough place to navigate, which is why we've researched the states top lenders.

If the idea of sorting through them all to find the right one feels overwhelming, don't worry — EmpireFunders has you covered.

Here you will find a list of the top verified and licensed private money lenders across The Sunshine State.

Whether you need to cash-out of a current investment property in Miami or are performing a 1031 exchange on an apartment complex in Orlando, real estate investors in Florida can rely on our network of hard money lenders to get financed.

The third most populous state in the US, Florida has it all, from pristine beached to an abundance of golf courses, it’s no wonder they take in 1,000 new residents a day.

Top Florida Hard Money Loans Summary

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The 5 Best Hard Money Lenders in Florida

RBI Mortgages

RBI Mortgages are hard money lenders located in Florida and have a variety of loan programs including residential and commercial bridge loans and funds loans from $75k to $5mil.

They offer competitive rates and no pre-payment penalties on many different property types including single-family residences and multi-family apartment buildings. They also fund loans in Texas and New York.

Before You Apply
  • Loan Amount: Minimum of $75,000
  • FICO Score: Minumum of 600
  • Interest Rate: Minimum of 7.99%
Best Features:
  • Fast approval within 24 to 48 hours, average closing within 7 to 12 days
  • There are no penalties for paying off or partially amortizing the debt at any time
  • All borrowers welcome including ones with no credit history, new businesses and foreign nationals

Asset Based Lending, LLC

Transforming Neighborhoods and Building Relationships from the Ground Up

Asset Based Lending is an East Coast hard money lender located in New Jersey. They have a variety of tailor made loan programs including fix and flip, new construction, cash out refinances and rental property loans for non-owner occupied properties.

They fund 12 month term deals from $75k to $2mil and have a loan to value ratio of 70% to 85% depending on the loan program.

Before You Apply
  • Loan Amount: Minimum of $75,000
  • Interest Rate: Minimum of 9%
Best Features:
  • Loan pre-approval within 24 hours and can close in as few as 3 days
  • 12-month, interest-only bridge financing for fix & flips, new construction and cash-out or refinances
  • Direct, local East Coast lender that has funded over 1,500+ fix & flip loans

Gelt Financial, LLC

When Your Bank Says No, We Say Yes

Gelt Financial has been providing non-bank private money mortgages since 1989.

They are a local and nationwide hard money loan provider operating out of Delray Beach, Florida.

They provide bridge loans and mortgages on multi-family and commercial properties and have extensive experience dealing with both borrowers and mortgage brokers.

Before You Apply
  • Loan Amount: Maximum of $3,000,000
  • Loan Amount: Minimum of $25,000
  • Interest Rate: Minimum of 9%
  • Term Length: Minimum of 1 months
Best Features:
  • Speed for approval and closing
  • Flexibility
  • Credit issues understood

ICG10 Capital

The Leading Lender to Real Estate Investors

ICG10 Capital is a private lender for real estate investors.

Based out of Boca Raton, Florida they are a local lender to both first time borrowers and experienced investors.

They have loan programs for fix & flips, new construction, rental properties and construction.

The lend nationwide (minus a few states) and have a 80% to 90% LTV/LTC depending on loan type.

Before You Apply
  • Loan to Value: Maximum of 90%
  • Note: We do not lend on owner-occupied properties
  • Fico Score: Minimum score of 620
  • Interest Rate: Minimum of 7.99%
Best Features:
  • High LTV and low rates
  • Certainty of close
  • Quick communication

Gauntlet Funding

Funding in a Snap

Gauntlet is a New York based private funding group who specialize in direct private lending and distressed asset financing.

They offer many different types of private money loans including rehab and bridge loans.

They provide short-term loans to real estate investors purchasing residential or commercial real estate in Florida, the Greater New York area and other north eastern states.

Before You Apply
  • Loan to Value: Maximum of 90%
  • Note: We do not lend on owner-occupied properties
  • Note: We do not fund 2nd Position Loans
  • Note: A credit check is required
Best Features:
  • Fast closing and customized solutions
  • Pricing and service
  • Flexible common sense underwriting

Florida Hard Money Stats

Loan Amounts
$25k to $100m
Interest Rates
3.99% to 15%
Term Lengths
1 to 360 months
Origination Points
1 to 5 points
Loan to Value Ratio
65% to 100%
Loan to Cost Ratio
65% to 100%
Closing Time
2 to 25 days

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